Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mothers Day or not

Waking on this morning I was greeted with a beautiful card and charm for my bracelet! But the best part was the big smile and kiss that came with the present from my daughter. For as we all know today is Mothers Day, a day to celebrate our Mothers and all what they have done for us. If you hit social media then you will be bombarded with photos, status updates and plenty of chat, not just acknowledging ones mum but also showcasing the gifts mummies have received. For single parents a Mothers Day celebration can be somewhat different to those in relationships. We don't have the added bonus of a spouse to help organise anything for us, to take the load off our feet or to shower us in gifts! Now whilst this comment may come across as a shallow remark it really isn't intended that way, materialistic things do not even come close to a hand made card or picture your child has created as the thought and love that went into those mean far more than any gift money can buy. It's just that a day that could be a rest and acknowledgment of a mothers hard work will not probably be much different for a single mother. As a lone parent does not have the luxury of a second pair of hands. Let's face it, who doesn't like a day of being spoilt!

There are so many different and complex situations regarding single parents and although many have the support and love of family and friends we need to spare a thought for those mummies who really are alone this Mothers Day and may not even be receiving any kind of acknowledgement as their children are too young to understand. Lone parenting brings many challenges and feeling overworked and under paid can be one of them. This feeling can be really emphasised if you take to social media to see other people posting various gifts of very high value or huge family gatherings that you do not have the pleasure of attending. There are the mummies who have lost children themselves, the mummies who no longer have their own mothers around and the mummies who are living in poverty. Whatever the situation no single mummy deserves to miss the meaning of Mothers Day.

This year we have spent Mothers Day enjoying a nice stroll and mini adventure in a local forest. Getting some fresh air and taking the time to do something as mother and daughter was a great way to celebrate the love we share. Not everything has to come with a price tag and especially valuable as a single parent who may be on a budget. We ended the day having a cosy roast dinner at nannies house which was perfect. Mothers Day can be as fun as you make it and whilst circumstances are not always in our favour, a positive mindset with some imagination can make the day a success. Whether you want to venture outside or spend the day indoors.........get some music playing and grab some board games. If you have other single parent friends then make a day of it and invite them over for a joint family meal. Having the support of friends can be both refreshing and encouraging.

Being a single parent myself and also the proud owner of Dream Bear I can't help but think about other single mummies this year. How are they feeling today? Have they been recognised and acknowledged as a great mummy? Is someone looking after them? One thing is for certain, next year I am going to make it my mission to send another single mummy an anonymous gift in recognition as I know only too well how hard it is. There are of course the single mummies who have no one, and this is why Dream Bear was created. We are here to chat whenever you feel low or need support or encouragement. As much as Mothers Day is a positive celebration we need to acknowledge that this is not always the case for some and we welcome you to come join us at Dream Bear

Tara Young