Friday, 30 August 2013

I have a psychic friend

So about six months ago I had the amazing pleasure of meeting a guy called Ryan Gooding! Ryan is a psychic medium and we first found each other by that little link known as a Hashtag! I was searching for a good psychic who may be able to help me with questions I had and also with my own sixth sense. Now people that know me well will know I am a very spiritual person, I am very into the secret and law of attraction and have also had the pleasure of seeing spirits from an early age.
I truly believe that we have the power if channeled correctly to bring certain circumstances and people into our world. Again through the law of attraction. When myself and Ryan made a connection it was very powerful and without divulging confidential information we had very strong connections. He has amazed me in many different ways, one in particular being a personal reading he gave me! He could not of been more spot on, with my path still continuing down the route he predicted.  One thing about Ryan, or maybe I should say many things about Ryan is that he is far more than a psychic medium! Firstly he is my friend who has let me into his little family, this family I describe as his wonderful partner and soon to be husband Darren, his lovely PA Linda and now his amazing crazy friend Rachel! He is warm, caring, generous, thoughtful, honest, genuine and trustworthy. When you are around Ryan and anyone who has been will know what I'm talking about here, he just makes you feel content, happy and safe. There is no falseness in his personality, he is a real man with a real gift. He also has a wicked sense of humour which he portrays through his readings and this just adds to the package in my opinion. He is a man anyone can click with.
So last night I had the pleasure of being guest at one of his events-an evening of clairvoyance at Trinity Park. I took one of my best friends Cuffie with me, as she too is a believer and was very keen to see Ryan's work and how he performs. I have never been to a show of this kind before, I had an idea on what it would be like but I was not prepared for what I was about to witness!! I think I should mention at this point that Ryan works with his spirit guide who is his dear friend Cathy that sadly passed a few years back, Cathy will be with Ryan when he is reading. So Ryan makes a grand entrance, confident, happy and full of energy, it is safe to say he lights a room up and you just seem to be drawn to him. He introduces the show and explains how he will perform as such that evening. It is not long before he is underway, working his way around the room selecting individuals who have spirits coming through for them. Now to say I was amazed makes it sound like I never believed, but what I mean is he just amazes me more and more every time I see him. He had three separate ladies reduced to tears because of the facts he was giving them, again for confidentiality reasons I cannot divulge these details. He knew finer details, he knew dates, relationship links, illnesses, cause of deaths etc my list could go on here. What I loved was how Cuffie sat and watched in complete shock :) I don't think she expected him to be as good as I had described.......genius does not even cover it! 
I feel so humble to know this man and feel grateful to have him in my life, which I really believe is for a reason. I feel proud to join him on his journey and that he is someone I can call my friend. I am particularly looking forward to watching Ryan and Darren get married, Darren is a massive and significant part of Ryan and although he is not the psychic I really feel that if it was not for Darren, Ryan would not be where he is today and the same goes for his wonderful PA Linda, she is a total gem and a great support unit for him. They all together make the perfect dream team.
So on this fine Friday I want to say a huge congratulations to the man who has not only changed so many people's lives but also transformed mine. I am truly grateful Ryan and I love you to bits xx If you would like to book Ryan for a reading then please visit but get in quick as he is almost fully booked until Christmas!

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