Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Innocent Minds

Today I had the greatest pleasure & privilege to be the first person to read my friends poem. This was no ordinary poem, this was a poem created from the emotions, thoughts & experiences of becoming a single father to two beautiful boys. Something I know would of been hard to share and open up about as a man. This poem is totally inspiring and beautifully written and I really believe he deserves to have this published. We are always hearing about single mothers so it is refreshing to have the perspective from a single father, especially in this context. So tonight a huge thank you goes to Richard Harvey, for not only sharing his story but for being a good friend and father :) I hope you get all what you deserve in life because you truly are a wonderful guy. Girls and boys I give you: Innocent Minds by Richard Harvey:

Innocent minds:

The Pain hit me so hard
Deep inside my heart
Day by day it grew
Taking away all I knew
Clotting my veins
Beating my brain
I was battling inside, just to stay sane

My life was on hold
No way to escape
I was crying inside
And starting to break

I had lost all that I knew
And thought my time was through
My head felt so numb
My body refused to run
Days were too long
Nights were too short
I was dying inside or so I thought

Hide away and be no one
Put up a barrier to everyone
That's how I felt
That's what I did
Hide all emotions to all that lived
No one will know
No will care
I'm alone in this world
Refusing to share

The guilt set in
Happiness was gone
I was stunned and alone
Lost in a world below the unknown

I tried so hard to find the way
The way to end every crying day
Scared to be free
From a life I thought was right for me

I couldn't find the way 
The way to break free
From all this pain, building up inside of me
I fought from inside to find me again
Tears, sadness was all I had gained
Days, weeks, years became so lame

Time had stopped 
Passed me by
I had become a single cry 
Lost in the dark far from the sun
This is where I found no one
I needed to realise this battle could be won
And that I was not the only one
In this situation feeling so numb

Deep down I knew this wasn't for me
Beneath the surface I was dying to break free
The help I needed was there for sure
Accepting this was harder than ever before

Throughout it all the innocent minds kept on
Keeping me battling when all felt wrong
Eyes deep with emotions
Hearts flowing with gold
Minds so pure
Story's un told
A thrive for life I felt was no more
This was the answer for me for sure

Without the innocent minds
Who knows where i would be
That love cleared the way
And showed me the path to stay

On that path I found just me
Not alone or sad 
But happy and ready to be free

I liked who I found
And took pride in what I was bound
Crushing the pain beneath the thumping strain
This was the way
The way to a happy end of day

They showed me the way 
The way to be me
Guided by the love that they shared so free
I took hold and prayed
I had reason to be brave
The same reason that made me feel so grey

I learnt I had more
More than ever before
A life so strong
One that will last forever long

That was my life
A life to provide
Provide for the ones that gave me reason to survive

I was happy again
Stronger than before
Proud of all the minds so pure
The smiles
The laughter
It all meant more
So much more than ever before

I swore I wouldn't look back
Positive and happy is what I lacked
Except to remember what it was that attacked
Back in the day when it all seemed so black

Now is my time 
My time to shine
Stay happy and continue to climb
Those are the words that will ring in my mind

I must not forget the bad times I survived
And the power from those who allowed me to thrive 
The innocent minds that change my time.
The minds that belong to two children I call mine.....

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