Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The journey is the best bit....

I recently had a friend say to me "enjoy the journey instead of longing for the destination" these words really stuck in my mind and I started to replay my whole life and all the great memories I have. As I started to remember certain aspects I tried to recall my thoughts and feelings at those times and what I could remember is that I was very happy. I then started to think about why I am now so keen on reaching certain goals or destinations without acknowledging or enjoying the current path I am on? Maybe it's a combination of things such as my age, my circumstances, my insecurities etc. whatever these reasons are her words have struck a cord with me and I now have really taken note!
Sometimes the things you want or the things you think you want are actually wrong for you. If you are so desperate for something that you don't have then it is probably not meant to be yours because if it was it would come easy and the obsession to reach the destination would not be there. We can all get so caught up in trying to achieve so much so quickly that we loose focus on how great and enjoyable our current path is. A lot of the time we won't reach a certain destination because life throws curve balls every now and then! This is when we need to embrace the good with the bad and enjoy the ride, even negatives become positives because they teach us new things and make us stronger people. When you are trying to escape your life because you feel overwhelmed it is all to easy to yearn to have the life of another, however no one is perfect and a life that may appear Rosie to the eye often has its own problems and is not necessarily suited to all people. As I sit and focus on what I have I realise that I have achieved a lot! I have studied at university and gained a BA Hons degree, I have visited many exotic countries, I have moved away from home, I have partied until I cannot party anymore! making the most amazing friends along the way and I have created a beautiful life, my daughter. Maybe it is because I have experienced all these wonderful things that I long for them once again! However at 30 it is time to get in the real world and stop trying to live a dream life. I am truly blessed with my daughter and although life is a struggle, whose isn't! I am on a journey that I am now enjoying, life throws the most random things at you at times and I am really experiencing some great new openings which I am grasping with both hands. Whatever our destination is I am really enjoying the ride whilst making fantastic connections. We are all in control of our own destiny and I am damn intent in spreading my wings and making the best of it.......

So my advice to you is this, don't get bogged down by feeling that happiness is only achieved by the destination, because most of our fondest memories have been our journeys to where we are now! Enjoy what you have and treat the people you have around you with respect. You never know what tomorrow holds. Keep those goals in mind and go for them :)

Tara xxxx

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